The Desk: Beware buying gift cards on eBay
Peter Shen bought a gift card off eBay. That in itself is a consumer issue. But The Desk will get to that later. On Dec.15, the day after the high school student received the $255 Apple gift card he'd bought, someone else (hmm, suppose it was the seller?
eBay Ups Its Search Game With Cassini
eBay has a new search engine powering the results on its site, and from the sound of it, it’s a huge step up from the search experience of years past. It’s called Cassini, and we first heard about it a little over a year ago, when news came ...
The Rebirth of Twinkies: Now for Dudes — and Suddenly Everywhere
Soon the dwindling supply of Twinkies began selling on eBay at a steep premium ... promised not to mess too much with the product itself, at least for the time being. But everything else was in play. First, the new owners replaced union ...
A Visit With Trade-A-Plane: Selling Airplanes in the Digital Age
Before there was eBay, Craigslist and ... it's hard for someone else to jump in and say, me too." TAP has protected -- or at least lessened -- erosion of its paper product by competing web sources. "Everything we sell now is a package.
Amazon Lets Sellers Add Pics of Used, Collectibles Items
Amazon announced a new policy that allows sellers to include up to 6 photos to certain categories for items in Used and Collectible conditions. Previously sellers could only describe any flaws or missing parts using words in the condition field. ...
Big Data Brokers: They Know Everything About You and Sell it to the Highest Bidder
The data was shared "for the fulfillment of that contest prize, not for their own marketing purposes." Where else do ... be bought and sold for commercial purposes in some states. Are there limits to the kinds of data these companies can buy and sell?